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Thanikachalam meets JP and pleads with him to accept to the marriage. Neelambari arrives and asks JP to accept the proposal. Thanikachalam leaves happily to arrange for the marriage. JP is confused by Neelambari’s action. Thanikachalam’s family ere enthused by the turn of events and start to prepare for the wedding. Neelambari consoles a worried JP and tells him that she will take care. Neelambari calls Thanikachalam to her house. Neelambari & JP list their requirements for the marriage ceremony, Thanikachalam becomes worried about the cost involved and leaves the place. Thanikachalam meets Shanmugarajan who consoles Thanikachalam and asks him to conduct the ceremony to his capabilities, but Thanikachalam says that he will take care of the wedding. Shanmugarajan taunts Neelambari about demanding an exorbitant dowry for JP.


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