Aval -19-03-2012

Posted on March 19th, 2012 | Category: Aval,Vijay TV Serials | Post by: mahaaraaja
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Sathyaseelan meets Jayanthi and discusses about Salini who has gone missing. He further adds that because Magesh supports Shalini and Arun’s love, he is hiding the truth. Jayanthi thinks about this. Raghavan’s manager comes to the hospital to enquire the health of Raghavan and offers Rs 25,000. He looks at Shaini in an interested manner. Shalini is embarrased to see Raghavan’s manager who startrs to flirt with her. Jayanthi ask Amala to go to Magesh’s home and find some clues regarding Shalini. Amala accepts to go but Prabhaker doubts on them. Amala comes to Shalini’s home to snoop. Magesh comes to know about this and shouts at Amala. Shantha consoles Magesh


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