7 Am Vaguppu C Pirivu -30-07-2012 | 7am Vaguppu C Pirivu 30/07/2012 | Vijay Tv Serial | 7 am Vaguppu C privu 30.07.2012

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Azhagan meets Gregori and scolds him. He advises Gregori to be arrogant as before. Azhagan teases Gregori saying that no one is respecting him as before. Azhagan comes to 7C and inquires Natraj about the incident. Natraj teases Azhagan and explains him about the incident. Azhagan is angry on Grinder and he leaves the place with other teachers. Stalin meets Grinder, Isakki and Vennila in a temple. Grinder apologizes to Stalin. Stalin scolds her and tells her to accept the punishment. Stalin goes to Azhagan’s work place.


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