7 Am Vaguppu C Pirivu -12-07-2012 | 7am Vaguppu C Pirivu 12/07/2012 | Vijay Tv Serial | 7 am Vaguppu C privu 12.07.2012

Posted on July 12th, 2012 | Category: 7am Vaguppu C Privu,Vijay TV Serials | Post by: mahaaraaja
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Kuruvi asks Stalin about his future plan and about his marriage. Kuruvi tells Stalin that Esther inquired about him and adds that she is little impressed on him. Stalin laughs and tells him not to act like Naradhar. Esther gets her 1st month salary. Stalin wishes her for getting her salary during the probation period. Esther tells Kuruvi, distribute chocolates to the students of 7C for her 1st month salary. Esther is tensed when she noticed that her salary amount is missing.


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