Nambikkai – Episode 100 – Tamil Serial

Posted on May 3rd, 2013 | Category: Nambikkai | Post by: Tamilan
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nambikkai Nambikkai – Episode 43 – Tamil SerialNambikkai is the story of a girl who has extraordinary hope. Vasanth is a rich industrialist. His sister Aruna falls in love with Prem, the son of a car mechanic. Their mother doesn’t accept the relationship but Vasanth tries to convince her. Prem’s father insists that his daughter Jayanthi gets married before Prem can. Due to circumstances, Vasanth leaves his love Nandhini and marries Jayanthi for the sake of his sister’s happiness. Their married life isn’t happy, as he still loves Nandhini. Nandhini continues to cause trouble for them as she is affected by the betrayal. Jayanthi however, has immense hope that things will turn favourably. Will her hope be rewarded? Will they have a happy life?


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