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Lord Shani and his greatness on Polimer TV Sani Bhagavaan Magimai New Serial Polimer Tv Serial Sani Bhagavan Magimai Episode 07
Mythological shows have a great reception among viewers and no channel leaves an opportunity to add it to their program charts.

Polymer TV will telecast Shani Bhagawan Mahimai every Sunday at 9 a.m. Lord Shani is the most feared planet god in the Hindu religion because of the effects it can have on an individual and no one is spared of the effects of this planet, it is believed.

Sagar Arts has produced this serial and this will highlight the greatness of the planet Shani. The mega serial will concentrate on the how Sani plays an important role in everyone’s life and how it destroys ego and pride in an individual.

This serial will remove all the negativity revolving around this planet. Watch it on Polimer and enlighten yourself of the wonders of Lord Shani.


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