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Kousalya,leading actress in tamil film industry in 90s acted with many stars like Vijay,Murali and karthick in many movies.Then she acted in many homely roles,and now she is acting in tv serials.Recently she was suffered by back pain so she went for many hospitals but her problem didnt get cured.Once she went to Nithyananda Ashram he gave some medical tips from then onward her pain get cleared by some magical tactics done by nithyananda.After that now she was fully satisfied by nithyananda treatment.So she became her devotee.Now a days when she feels like paining she used to go and treatment from swamiji.When nithyananda hand touches her pain get cleared.The highlighting matter is Ranjitha also goes for a treatment and there by turns to be a devotee.Apart from this Malavika,Rajasudha,Yuvarani are also in this group. So Viewers DONT WORRY BE HAPPY!!! many videos or waiting for you Enjoy!!!


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