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The Anchor, writer Rajanarayanan opens the show with a quote and welcomes small screen actress Swapna. Swapna’s mom joins her on the sets. Her mom says that Swapna is afraid of water and she is also afraid when she is alone. In the first hypnotic session, Swapna says about her likes and dislikes in life. She says that she likes her brother and she misses him. Vedhamalika joins them and discuss with Swapna. In the second hypnotic session, Swapna says about her past life i.e., when she was 14 years old. She says that she is afraid of her uncle with whom she was living with. She adds that her mom was not with her. In the third session, she talks about her last incarnation. She says that she was a boy aging 21 and being called as Manohara


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