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Guest — Mesai Rajendran
Anchor Rajanarayanan opens the show with a quote and welcomes the Guest Meesai Rajendran. Meesai Rajendran talks about his personal life (cinema and his personality) and shares his ghost experience. Meesai Rajendran’s wife enters the set and shares some funny anecdotes of her husband. Host gives a lead to the present life of Meesai Rajendran. In the Hypnosis section Meesai Rajendran talks about his repetitive dreams and his ghost experience in different places. Dr Vedhamalika enters and talks about the hypnosis experience of Meesai Rajendran. Rajanarayanaan discusses about the first past life incarnation of Meesai Rajendran –as a prince Raja he is running in a forest with sword and diamond, later he meets his father in Thanjavur palace.
The anchor then leads on to the second past life incarnation of Meesai Rajendran where he is Raja Raja Cholan and he builds the Thanjavur temple , he died after his 50the year.
The Anchor then talks about the third past life incarnation of Meesai Rajendran where he is an old lady staying alone near in Cauvery River and how she died. The guest, host and Dr Vedhamalika discuss about this incarnation.
The doctor talks about hypnotism & past life therapy.
The anchor Rajanarayanan signs off.


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