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Guest – Kavitha. Writer Rajanarayanan, opens the episode with a quote and welcomes Kavitha, the day’s guest. Kavitha talks about Munjenmam and is eager to know about her past life and talks about her present life, incidents happened in her life (ups and downs). Kavitha’s mother joins her daughter and shares about her daughter’s innocent childish nature & friendly relationship of mother and daughter. Rajanarayanan gives a brief intro about the present life of Kavitha. In the Hypnosis section Kavitha talks about her repetitive dreams which happens during relevant events and about her school life. Anchor Rajanarayanan asks about her dreams and discusses about family. Vedhamalika joins them and explains the importance of the womb stage in hypnosis section. Anchor Rajanarayanan discusses about Kavitha’s dreams with Vedhamalika. In the Hypnosis section Kavitha, talks about her first past life in which she was born as a man named Mariappan. He is a lazy man who avoided to work. He marries a girl called Devi and they live an unsatisfactory love and he dies at the age of 50. Anchor Rajanarayanan compares the past and present life of Kavitha. In the Hypnosis section Kavitha talks about her second past life. She was born as a girl thousand years before in a village called Kaveriboompattinam and she is a very active girl interested in dance & because of her beauty she was asked to marry a Prince but she married a simple man from among her relatives and led a happy life and died at the age of 80. Anchor Rajanarayanan, Vedhamalika & Kavitha discuss about the second past life. In the Hypnosis section Kavitha talks about her third past life where she was born as a girl named Malar, two hundred years before. She lived a happy life with her husband and died at 50. Anchor Rajanarayanan concludes the episode.


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