Vanakkam Tamizha Makkal Tv Show 05-06-2013

Posted on June 5th, 2013 | Category: Vanakkam Tamizha | Post by: Tamilan
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vanakkam Vanakkam Tamizha Makkal Tv Show 04 06 2013Vanakkam Thamizha is a Tamil show on Makkal TV which covers topics ranging from physical fitness, medicinal benefits of herbs, to handcrafts for women. The decline in the human culture is due to various diseases, improper diets, no physical exercise and no proper awareness about such things. Makkal TV presents you with information about all of this and more on Vanakkam Thamizha. Vanakkam Thamizha not only cover topics about self-preservation, but also has other additional segments like thiruvasagam songs, handicrafts and other such valuable information. This show makes you take control of your like, motivates you and plan for a healthier & knowledgeable future.


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