Seeman Speech @ Kovai For ‘Thukku Kayitril Nijam’ Book Release

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Seeman -2013-02-06- Speech @ Kovai For ‘Thukku Kayitril Nijam’ Book Release. This book is about mysterious surrounding the assassination of late Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi @ Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India. In this books there are allegation that Subramaniaswamy , Chandraswami hands in the assassination of Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Source 1:
It is with the tragic assassination of former Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi that the real face
of the deep seated threat to the national security posed by long term and wider conspiracy came to lime light. But unfortunately, the reputed
investigation agencies of the nation along with judiciary, succumbing to the acutely misguided public opinion and shoddily influenced by a long
hatched conspiracy ended up naming few innocent individuals as being solely responsible for an unprecedented event demeaning national security.
This carefully orchestrated exercise in the guise of an investigation on the behest of the real murderers is trying to execute a few innocent civilians to
sidetrack the attention of the entire nation away from the real conspirators of the murder. The initial actions from judiciary went on with the summary
execution of all the 26 accused until it was stopped from doing so by the Supreme court of India following heavy criticism from legal experts terming
it as ‘Judiciary’s Genocide’. Yet we are not far from a haze, biased and unfair investigation climate.
It is with great pain that we witness the greatest tragedy of our century that a great nation is being deceived that the hanging of a few innocents will
save the nation from the clutches of cold-blooded anti-national conspirators and keep it safe and secure. The question remains, if the civilized society
will ever wake up to the hard facts which are being hidden from public view with strenuous effort, only to save the real conspirators?
If the responsible and respected media of the nation reduce itself to a silent spectator, the nation will witness a judicial nightmare by hanging
innocent civilians and saving real culprits, thus letting an anti-national conspiracy gain momentum posing a bigger threat to the security of the nation.
The society and media will have to regret their inaction deeply in a day when the real conspirators go about executing their plan of destabilizing this
nation of a billion people. We sincerely hope this does not become the situation.
There have been examples from the past for the media stepping in to bring a de-railed investigation back to track. Yet a daring reinvestigation by the
media in this issue will be celebrated for ages as an unprecedented achievement by media in uncovering a massive
Anti-national conspiracy. Hence we sincerely urge the reputed media of this nation to roll up their sleeves and get into action by reinvestigating the
bigger conspiracy and save the nation from its toughest threat till date by identifying the real conspirators behind the murder. There is no doubt that
the entire nation will stand with the media in every step of its attempt to open up the deeper conspiracy spiraling the nation




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