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Posted on February 1st, 2013 | Category: Cinema | Post by: Tamilan
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The film begins in fabulous fashion and you feel the Mani Ratnam touch right away. The director has immediate impact and you get a feeling that this might just be it. Embracing a story that’s quite conventional for his standards, he seems to be taking a safer path, quite different from his attempts in previous films. The screenplay clicks in well through the first period and what you get is a racy storyline. Sparks of brilliance here and there make things rather interesting. The attention to detail and character sketching are attributes to Mani’s experience and earnest style that just clicks.

During the interval, you expect the story to improvise upon the efforts of the first half but unfortunately, things take a detour. Instead of going straight down and convincing the audience, the screenplay slopes down and turns to commercialism. Mani’s expertise doesn’t have too much room here, despite his ability to pack action and drama into his usual way of story telling. A few questionable moments and a lot of worrying logic lapses, you feel sad for what the movie comes down to.




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